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Market Intelligence

Marketing Professionals

At Smart Media we combine expert media market intelligence with a tenacious, informed approach to negotiation to ensure our client’s advertising messages connect and resonate with the right audience in the right place at the right time.

Market Intelligence

Media Professionals

Our team of highly experienced Media Professionals, backed by the power and resources of one of the UK’s largest Media companies, Media Concierge, work as an integrated part of a client’s Marketing team to ensure that the campaign solutions delivered are bespoke, powerful, cost effective and highly successful.

Market Intelligence

Media Planning & Buying

Smart Media is a fully recognised Media Planning and Buying Organisation operating extensively across the entire media spectrum for a broad range of Consumer, B2B, Recruitment and Specialist clients.

Smart Media was established around the principles of service and trust, both of which remain at our core today.

We pride ourselves on our impartial and highly reputable team of media professionals who wholeheartedly maintain our reputation for honesty and integrity.

We aim to be a true and trusted business partner adding real and measurable value, expertise and assistance to the advertising process.

As the Smart alternative, we offer:

A 360° informed perspective of the fast moving and ever changing media marketplace – with all options assessed to ensure that no opportunity is missed for our client.

To work as part of your team, with deep understanding of your specific requirements and culture.

A dedicated and dependable media consultancy, boasting low staff turnover and a high service ethic that sees us deliver a consistent, high quality partnership.

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Established in 2002, Smart Media are a team of highly experienced media specialists dedicated to designing and implementing multi-platform media solutions that deliver high calibre, quality results.

Combining the resources, contacts, partnerships and buying power that being part of one of the largest Media Groups in the UK provides with a personalised, bespoke approach to our clients’ requirements, we work as an integrated part of the marketing function to provide a creative results-focused planning approach, delivering at the best possible cost.

If you are looking for Media planning and buying solutions from a team you can trust, Smart Media are here to offer you the Smart alternative.



Whilst TV still offers the prospect of rapidly delivering campaign impact across mass audience sectors, constant innovations in targeting, advertising formats and consumer interaction trends mean that opportunities for more surgically focused, cost effective activity have never been more accessible. Smart Media can help you navigate this constantly changing environment to design, negotiate and execute TV campaigns that will optimise the effectiveness of your ad spend


Forensically geo-targeted to impact competitor locations or focus on areas of optimal business potential, online programmatic advertising or reactive push notification messaging served to the mobile devices of key audience segments can be a potent tool to communicate tactical messages and effectively generate response. Smart Media combines access to progressive/dynamic targeting technology with extensive audience profiling and mapping intelligence to maximise the impact of tactically implemented mobile solutions.


Working closely with our specialist in-house partners and employing cutting-edge targeting intelligence, Smart Media can evaluate local marketplaces at a postcode sector level, applying dynamic audience profiling and segmentation analysis to design cost effective, scalable and targeted distribution solutions that maximise effective impact and minimise wastage.


Perfect for raising brand awareness or acting as high visibility ‘signposts’ for key locations, Outdoor is also a medium subject to enormous innovation. The growth of digital and mobile-enabled OOH opportunities has meant that increasingly highly targeted, tactical campaign messaging can be conveyed through this impactful medium – focusing on specific audience segments, tightly defined locations and even specific times of day.  It can also be used as an integral part of a co-ordinated multi-platform campaign to optimise market presence in targeted locations at key times.  Smart Media can help you identify the best options for your campaign, and talk you through all OOH opportunities.


The ever accelerating rate of change of the Digital Media landscape means it is very easy to lose track of the best strategy for a campaign, not to mention how to measure and interpret results. Smart Media has a dedicated, highly experienced Specialist Digital function working across all Digital environments (including Social, Programmatic, Search, e-Commerce, Mobile, Audio).


A ubiquitous market presence – radio impacts on audiences throughout the day wherever the audience might be and is a trusted and integral part of everyday life. The diversity of available stations across multiple platforms, combined with their associated dedicated audience profile means strong brand messages or engaging offers can be delivered via this medium to the right people at the right time. Smart Media can help you navigate the wide and diverse range of radio options that are available to you (Airtime, Sponsorships, Partnerships, Online Audio) and design compelling campaign solutions that will deliver on your marketing objectives.


Traditional Press (Newspapers and magazines) remains a trusted advertising medium and continues to hold an extremely important position in the lives of consumers, providing a powerful platform for connecting with a loyal audience in an engaging and effective way. Smart Media’s extensive knowledge and understanding of National, Regional and Local Press, ensures that we can design and implement powerful multi-channel or press-only B2C or B2B campaign solutions on a local, regional, national and international basis at the best possible cost.


Building on the deep understanding of individual media platforms, the Smart Media team also has direct access to an arsenal of leading audience and market analysis resources to help construct bespoke audience profiles. Access to advanced data sets help inform and optimise every campaign. Smart Media ensure the right media is used to address the right audience in the right place at the right time but also help grow your target audience pool on a National and Local level.

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We think that we are an exceptional company and that’s why we look for exceptional people to join us. We offer relevant training, support and the chance to work with some of the best people in the industry. Salary packages and benefits vary from role to role but are among the best around. Whether you’re taking your first step into media or looking to move your career on further, contact us for an informal chat.


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